About The Cat Product Expert

What makes me the best cat products expert?


I have two Persian cats, Pierre and Patricia, and since I don’t have a wife or kids (at least not yet) I spoil my cats rotten. At least, that’s what my friends and family say, but I don’t care. They deserve it.

Almost as soon as I got Pierre and Patricia, I fell totally in love with them. And I want them to have the very best that I can provide – food, beds, toys, grooming products and everything else they need. If you have a cat (or more than one), I’m sure you know exactly what I mean.

I’m one of those people who researches things forever before I buy. So for every category of cat product you’ll see on this site, I’ve spent hours and hours going through all of the articles and buying guides I could find, and I’ve read tons of reviews while making complete notes of pros, cons, and prices.

After that, I bought many of the products that seemed promising so I could give them a try out in my own home with Pierre and Patricia.

And finally, I decided which ones were the very best. I also ranked the runners-up, the “OK when you’re on a tight budget” choices, and those I didn’t think were even good enough to be used in animal shelters.

I’ll admit, checking out and ranking all of the cat products on the market became a hobby for me – one that I grew to really enjoy. But more than anything, I did it because of my love for “Pierre and Patricia the Persians” (that’s what I call them). It makes me feel proud to know that they’re getting the care and products they deserve.

After a while, I started wondering: what should I do with all of this information I’ve gathered? It seemed silly to just throw it all out now that I’ve chosen the best products to buy for my cats.

Then, it hit me. I realized I should start a website to help other cat owners who don’t have the time or money to do all of the research that I’ve done.

And here it is.

This website is the byproduct of all the work I’ve done to find the best cat products for my own cats, created with the hope that it will let you the same for your own wonderful pets.

I invite you to bookmark these pages so you have a reliable, unbiased source for information and advice whenever you’re shopping for your cats. And I dedicate this site to Pierre and Patricia because they’re the ones who inspired me throughout the process.

Please enjoy this website – and please let me know whether there are products I should be considering or if the site has been helpful. I love feedback!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who really owns this website?

A: I do. There’s no big company behind it and there’s no secret agenda. I just know how difficult it is to sift through the thousands of cat products on the market, and want to help others who love their cats as much as I love Pierre and Patricia.

Q: Do you receive payments to list products, or do you get free products for review?

A: Absolutely not. I do not accept money, products or anything else from any company whatsoever. My reviews and opinions are completely my own, and I want to keep it that way without any hint of influence from manufacturers, suppliers or stores.

Q: Why should I take your advice?

A: That’s really up to you. I’d ask you to read through the website to get a feel for all of the research I’ve done and how I make my recommendations, and then figure out for yourself whether you trust my advice. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve done as much research as anyone could, on all of the cat products I’ve listed – and I think my reviews are realistic, comprehensive and completely honest. I hope you agree, and that you feel that my advice is worth considering.

Q: If you run this site as a public service, why are there Amazon links and “buy” buttons?

A: Quite simply, to help fund operation of the site. I have to pay for web hosting and the other costs of building and running this site, and if people decide to purchase a product by clicking on one of my links I usually make less than $1.00. Trust me, I’m not getting rich from this site; if I break even from those small fees, I’m thrilled.

Q: But doesn’t taking affiliate fees creates a conflict of interest for you?

A: No, it doesn’t, for two reasons. First, you’ll see that I list a number of options in each review, so while I hope you’ll buy my “favored” products because they’ll be best for your cats, it doesn’t matter to me which product you purchase – or if you buy any at all through these links. Second, I don’t list products based on whether I can link to an affiliate site; you’ll see that some products don’t have any links at all. The choices I list are the same products I buy (or would consider) for my own cats, and they’re the same ones I recommend to family and friends who are smart enough to have cats 🙂

Q: I really like your site. Is there any way I can help?

A: Absolutely, by sending feedback. If there are product categories I haven’t listed, products you think should be included in my rankings, problems you’ve had with one of the products I’ve listed, or new products that have hit the market which I might not have seen, please let me know. I think I’ve done more research on cat products than anyone else operating a site like this, but there’s always more to learn. I hope you’ll help me make CatProductExpert.com
 even better whenever you have helpful suggestions.

Thanks for reading and visiting – and give my love to your cats!