Best Cat Condo Tree House Reviews – With Buying Guide

There are many cat condos available on the market nowadays, but how do you determine which one is the best for your cat? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore.

After having researched for days looking for the best cat condo, I was finally able to find one that best suited both my cats. Let me tell you, if you are living in a multi-cat household, one of these thingies can restore order sooner than you think. I put off buying one for a long time considering it as an unwanted expense and I wasn’t too impressed with some of the choices.

The cats used to go haywire with the infighting. One of the dominant ones

Enter the modern cat condo and they turned back into lovable cats overnight. If you are as confused as I was when I set out to shop for the best cat house, then you are in luck for I have listed the 6 best cat condos in the market over here. You can trust me on this that this is the result of months of research, reading reviews and speaking to cat parents who have used one of these.

6 Best Cat Condo Tree House – Reviews

These 6 best cat condo houses have been handpicked for you based on their features, their quality and the ease with which cats take a liking to these.

1. K&H Manufacturing Hangin’ Cat Condo

My #1 pick is not a cat tree. Instead, it is the hanging cat condo from K&H manufacturing. This is a beautifully designed space-saving cat condo that can be mounted on just about any door. The best part is that despite looking like it’s quite compact and limited in space, it boasts of five interconnected levels with seven openings that your cats can access and jump out of.

That’s like a luxury cat apartment and workout area that cats absolutely love.

If you were on the fence about buying cat condo furniture because you were crunched for space, then this hanging cat condo is just what you need.

It is approximately 65 inches tall so even if you have a small sized door, this will fit perfectly.

The condo is made of tough 600 Denier waterproof fabric that ensures that an occasional spill or two won’t make your home messy as the cats jump in and out of the cat house. Also, the durability will prevent your cats from clawing their way out of any additional holes that they may rip themselves in it.

Two of my cats took a liking to it instantly. The other two were a tad skeptical and would just watch the others enter through the ground level and find their way to the other levels. Eventually, the curiosity got the better of them and now, all four spend a lot of time in the condo without finding reasons to claw each other.

Best features

  • Space saving design that mounts on any door
  • Perfect for apartments
  • Five levels of interconnected fun for cats
  • Comfy and roomy
  • Seven peep holes keeps it airy
  • Durable 600 denier waterproof fabric construction
  • Folds when not in use

Verdict: If you have hyperactive cats or aggressive ones, then get the K&H hanging cat condo and watch them expend their energy. They will be napping by the time they are done playing with this. Great quality too!

2. Curious Cat Condo/House/Cube

I first saw the Curious Cat Condo at my neighbor’s place. His Himalayan wouldn’t leave it for the best cat treat in the world. He was absolutely in cat heaven resting away and playing with the attached toys. Upon some investigation, I discovered that this was the bestselling cat condo on Market.

As the name suggests, this is designed like a cube and has a cave like retreat on the bottom which also serves as the play area and a plush fleece bed on top which works like a napping area for the cats.

The sidewalls of the cube feature peep holes, some of which have attached toys (jingle balls). Your feline friends will most probably love pawing these and playing. If they seem bothersome, you can just clip them and turn them into a ball for a game of fetch.

Either ways, cats love the cozy den and the plush mattress like surface with the cube. When not in use, the cube collapses flat and is incredibly easy to store.

Best features

  • Cute design with large and roomy interiors
  • A den on the bottom and a fleece topped mattress on the top
  • Multiple peep holes with attached toys for playtime
  • Ideal for cats of all sizes
  • Folds flat when not in use

Verdict: If you are looking for the best cat condo for large cats then you’ve just found it. The Curious cat condo has a near 100% positive customer rating too.

3. IRIS 7-Tier Cat Condo/House Play Tree

When space is not a constraint and you want to give your pets a luxurious and stable playpen, then you should consider the Iris 7-tier cat condo. This is one of the best cat houses in the market currently that boasts of multiple levels connected by ladders, two large and roomy hideaways and scratching posts that your cats can unleash their claws on.

Irrespective of whether you have hyperactive cats who need to expend some energy or you have a dominant one that prefers being perched above the rest, this will do the job.

It is constructed to be stable and wobble free and will easily withstand the wear and tear that is inevitable with cat playtime.

One of the best features is the Sisal-covered scratching posts that helps keep the claws in check. If your feline friends are declawed, then the intuitive ramp positioning allows them to climb easily.

The faux fur surface makes it a great napping place too. It is soft and comfortable to the touch. The only thing that deserves a mention is that this does take assembly and it may not be as easy as you think especially if it’s the first time you are assembling something like this.

Best features

  • Heavy duty particle wood frame covered with soft faux fur
  • 7 tiers with two large hideouts and ladders to climb
  • Comfortable, roomy and comes with attached toys for playtime
  • Ample space for multiple cats

Verdict: The IRIS 7-Tier Cat Tree Condo is a huge cat condo that will keep your cats and you happy. It helps them stay elevated, lets them scratch, climb, hide and run about.

4. New Cat Condos Premier 6′ Cat Tower

Standing 6-foot-tall and with a sturdy base that is wobble free, the New Cat Condos Premier Cat tower is certainly not for apartments that are crunched for space. This cat condo tower has a large footprint for sure. But it is the stuff that kitty dreams are made of.

It has an elaborate multi-layer play area that is interconnected and features peep holes on every level. Apart from letting you keep an eye on your cat as it finds its way in the tree tower, this also lets cats keep an eye on their surroundings which they are naturally inclined to.

The Premier 6 feet cat tower has a solid wood construction, is covered by plush household grade carpet and has a bunch of play things that will keep your cats busy. You can be rest assured that this is going to last for years without any problems whatsoever.

For clawing, there is an unoiled sisal rope surface.

You can pick from four different colored finishes. The only possible downside that I could find that when unboxed, it smelled of glue and wood. I had to use a bottle of Febreze and keep it outside for a while for the smell to dissipate.

Best features

  • Large sized 6-foot tower cat condo
  • Multiple interconnected layers
  • Solid wood construction and covered by plush carpet
  • Made in the USA
  • Solid wobble-free base
  • Easy to clean

Verdict: With the amount of space this gives to your cats, the stability, the durable construction and the plush interiors, this easily qualifies as the best large cat condo in the market. Highly recommended!

5. Trixie 2 Story Cat Condo

All the cat condos that I have picked so far in this list have been picked for multi-cat households that have more than one cat. But you don’t need a six-feet-tall, tower cat condo if you have only one feline friend at home. The Trixie 2 story cat condo is a great choice for single or two cat households. It is compact and has enough features to keep your cat busy, entertained and relaxed.

This 2-story cat condo features two roomy layers that your cat can jump in and out of. Each layer features a cushion insert which keeps it comfy and can be used as a cat bed even for large sized cats.

The outside of the tower is covered with sisal which is perfect for scratching and prevents the cat’s claws from ripping the fabric.

The top most platform of this cat condo house features a removable bed that can be used as a separate cat bed if need be. So, if you get an additional or new cat condo, you can always remove this platform and use it as a cat bed.

The best part is that all the cushions are removable and can be hand washed if your cat accidentally soils it or tracks dirt into it.

Best features

  • Compact sized two story cat condo
  • Each condo features cushion inserts that are removable and washable
  • Top platform has a removable bed
  • Durable MDF wood construction
  • Ideal for cats of all sizes and age

Verdict: Compact sized but perfectly designed, this small cat condo gives your cats a cozy retreat that will keep them comfortable and entertained. It also caters to their natural instincts.

6. IRIS 5-Tier Cat House / Condo Tree

My last pick in this list of best cat condos is the most uniquely designed ones of them all. I came across this cat condo tree quite by chance when I was looking for a 3-story cat condo for a rescue home.

I ended up buying this instead because of its playtime friendly and corner friendly design. This fits right into any unused corner of the house.

There are three perches that are at different heights allowing cats to climb at a height that is best suited for them. If you have a dominant cat that demands the top most perch, this will solve the problem and prevent a cat fight.

At about five feet tall, it is ideal for cats of all sizes to climb too.

Each perch has a plush cushion covering which doubles up as a resting place for the cats. The perches also provide easy access to the two hideaways which are in the middle.

The perches are connected by sisal covered posts which allow the cats to expend their natural scratching instinct without damaging furniture around the home.

Do not be fooled by the appearance that looks hollow and lightweight. This is a heavy-duty Cat condo that is built to last. Everything from the wooden frame to the faux fabric covering is top notch. Also, it is priced much lesser than many other similar looking cat houses.

Best features

  • Beautifully designed five tier cat condo
  • Corner friendly design that fits into any corner of the house
  • Three perches at different heights
  • Two hideaways
  • Sisal covered scratch posts
  • Durable and wobble free

Verdict: If you are looking for a cat condo that takes up minimal space but keeps your cats occupied and busy, then this corner cat condo is what you need. It has an amazing five-tier design, sisal covered posts and a heavy-duty construction.

How to Choose a Cat Condo Tree House

Ideally, you must choose the cat condo depending on the age and activity level of your pet. Also, your choice will depend greatly on the number of cats you have at home. For multi-cat households, you need a tower with at least three to four tiers and perches.

If you have the room, go for a cat condo tower that is at least six to seven feet tall. Because cats love being at heights and they feel safe when they are up high.

The base must be strong and wobble free. If the cat condo tree topples over, then the cat will be too scared to climb on it again. Look for support perches that are covered with sisal or bare bark to allow cats to scratch.

Last but not the least; always look for the best cat condo ratings and best cat house Cat lover reviews by other owners before you make a purchase.

I have lived with seven cats in my lifetime and rescued countless others. Among all the cat condos that I have tried, the K & H manufacturing hanging cat condo scores way above the rest. It conserves space, fits easily into even a tiny apartment and gives cats ample room to play. It is hands down the best cat condo in the market.

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