10 Best Cat Door Reviews – Selected by Catexpert in 2019

Best Cat Door Reviews

The Ideal Cat Door for Your Home

The need for the best cat door arose after we discovered that the cats were going bonkers while trying to go outside. One was found hanging on the doorknob on three occasions. The others were scratching the hell out of the door, the furniture, the couch and just about anything else.

The three of them covering near the door gives you the impression that they are plotting to take over the world. And it looks very ominous. So, we decided to roll up our sleeves and get some elbow grease in the process of finding the best cat door.

Tons of research ensued. We tapped into our cat parenting network. Spoke to cat parents who had installed cat doors themselves and whether it worked for them. And as always we found that what’s being sold in bold is not always the best choice.

Top 10 Best Cat Door Reviews

If you are facing a similar conundrum, then this article will help you narrow down on an ideal cat door for your home.

Sit back and enjoy.

1. PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Doors

Whoever said that cat doors are only meant to be installed on the front or rear doors of the house?

PetSafe’s wall entry doors allow you to create a cat access door in just about any wall of the house. That sounds like an uphill task but it is made quite simple with this all-inclusive package that avoids the need for framing.

This is a telescoping tunnel that requires minimum knowledge of carpentry. Even if you are a carpentry-noob, you can still install it in a day without breaking a sweat. That’s coming from someone who has never attempted carpentry in their lives.

This best cat flap door itself is based on a double flap system which when clubbed with the tunnel creates an air-pocket that does not compromise on the insulation system of your home. Weather drafts will not be able to find their way in.

The entry is approximately 8 ¼ inches Wide and 12 ¼ inches tall which makes it perfect for even the largest of our cats. We even tried it with our neighbor’s beagle and he was able to waltz right in.  All our cats are now using the new door and sparing our furniture and door knobs.

When not in use or when our large family is out holidaying, we use the sliding panel to secure the door and prevent access. PetSafe also sells a separate sliding door that can be used on the outside to secure the door and prevent varmint from finding their way into the house.

The only reason why someone may choose another product over this is because they find cutting a hole in the wall too cumbersome. But it is pretty simple. The package includes just about everything you need for an easy installation. That includes all the hardware, a cutting template and detailed instructions.

Best features

  • Gives your cats an entry/exit door in any wall of the house
  • Easy to install and does not require framing when you cut through the wall
  • Telescopic tunnel with a double flap system to create a weather-resistant air pocket
  • Large enough for all cat breeds
  • Sliding panels available for securing the cat door when not in use


We have used a lot of PetSafe products in our lifetime and can vouch for their quality. This is undoubtedly the best cat door for wall in the market currently. It is easy to install, gives secure access and is durably built. Highly recommended!

2. Ideal Pet Cat Door For Window

If drilling holes in walls doesn’t sound like your idea of a cat door, then check out the Chubby Kat Sash door from Ideal Pets.  This fits right into your aluminum (and vinyl) windows and creates an easy access doors for cats that can lead to the patio or the backyard.

It has a beautiful white aluminum finish which looks like an extension of the window rather than something that has been installed later.

As the name suggests, this cat window door is intended for use for cats that are a tad heavier than normal. So, if you have a normal sized kitten, it gives them a luxuriously large and roomy window. The window sash is size-adjustable and goes from 27 inches to 32 inches.

So, if you have a window that is approximately 30 inches in width, all that you need to do is compress the sash, align it in position and release it. It will fit the window perfectly.

The construction is top notch. The frames are made of heavy aluminum and the door is made of tough see-through ABS plastic which features a magnetic push-release mechanism that auto-lock once the cat exits or enters. The weather sealing prevents drafts from entering the house and the four way locking mechanism keeps pests and bugs out.

The integrated screws allow you to attach it to the windows when not in use. A gentle push by a cat will open the door and allow them to exit the house.

There are many similar window sash cat doors that are sold at approximately $300 in the market. At under $150, the Chubby Kat Window Sash door is a steal.

Best features

  • Easy to install to any window frame
  • Made of durable aluminum
  • Weather stripping and draft seal to keep drafts/ pests out
  • Four way locking mechanism
  • Size adjustable from 27 to 32 inches
  • Ideal for cats of all sizes


Installs in less than 10 minutes, gives the cats an easy to exit door and prevents the weather from entering the home. Cannot ask for more!

3. Design Studio Walk-thru Gate with Cat Door

One of the challenges of living with multiple pets (cats and dogs) is to keep them separate from time to time and ensuring that an all out inter-species war doesn’t ensue. This walk-thru gate from design studio comes with a patented cat door that opens from both the sides but is small enough to ensure that your larger pets stay restricted.

It almost resembles a baby pen gate.

Featuring a premium cherry wood construction with a beautiful finish, this is a perfect combination of form and function. You can add it to just about any door frame that is 37.5 inches wide and restrict the pets from accessing that room.

Installation is immensely simple. It almost comes ready to use out of the box. Also, this indoor cat door includes an extension panel which can be used if the door frame is wider than 37.5 inches.

The door auto-closes after opening which ensures that your pet cannot sneak in after you. Can be opened easily with one hand too.

The only downside that we found to this door is that it makes a low creaking noise when you open and shut it. It is not very loud or audible. But it is definitely there and this may be an annoyance to some people.

That’s only a minor niggle for us though.

Best features

  • Premium cherry wood construction
  • Beautiful finish
  • Easy access door for cats
  • Auto closes after someone accesses it
  • 32 inches tall and 37.5 inches wide


This baby gate with cat door is an easy and cost effective solution to restrict pets from accessing certain parts of the home. Also, this doubles up as a cat-only zone gate that will allow the cats in but keep the bigger pets out.

4. Cathole Interior Cat Door With Cleaning Brush

There is a perpetual conundrum in cat households about an ideal place for the litter box. If you hate sending your fur balls outside to litter but equally despise the odor of cat litter all around the house, then this cathole interior cat door is just what you need.

You can keep the cat litter box in just about any room of the house and install this cat door on the door. Be it the basement or the laundry room, the odor stays restricted to that room and the cats can go in without having to mess with doorbells or scratch on doors.

Like our #1 pick, this is an all-inclusive solution that is immensely easy to install. All that you need to do is trace an outline of the cat door, cut the portion out and install the cat door with screws. The arches cover any imperfections of the cut.

Made of unfinished birch, the cat door can also be painted to blend with the door or to stand out from the rest. A little spray paint will make it impossible to detect.

The Cathole interior cat door also features a cleaning brush with bristles that brushes the cats as they come in and go out. Any loose cat fur or cat dander will be left in the door. Cats also take an instant liking to it.

At about 9.25 inches wide and 9.50 inches tall, it is perfectly sized for cats of all sizes.

Best features

  • Easy solution to separate the litter box to a part of the home
  • Installs on any door
  • Easy installation
  • Unfinished birch wood that can be painted to match the décor
  • Removable cleaning brush
  • Large sized cat door that will give access to any sized cat


The Cathole interior cat door is the best cat door for interior door. It installs in minutes and gives you a permanent solution to cat litter odor in the house.

5. PetSafe cat door for sliding glass door

Most apartments these days have sliding glass doors instead of conventional wooden doors. This makes it impossible to opt for any of the cat door for doors that we have listed here because it requires the door to be cut for installation.

This one from PetSafe doesn’t. This is a cat door for sliding glass door that does not require the glass to be cut or even taken down. It installs in minutes, is portable and you can carry it with you even if you are moving to a new apartment.

Constructed from durable aluminum that features weather stripping, it ensures that your insulation is not affected and cold drafts don’t enter the room. It is available in three beautiful finishes and you can pick one that best matches your door frame.

The Petsafe cat door is also available in four sizes. The smallest one is best suited for cats. But if you have both felines and pooches at home, then you may want to check out some of the bigger sizes to ensure that both can get through the door easily. The doors are size-adjustable and all the sizes have been designed to give the pets easy access.

When not in use, you can use the latch kit to securely lock the door to prevent pests from entering the premises.

Best features

  • Ideal solution for sliding glass doors as it mounts on the existing door without the need to cut it
  • You can carry the door with you when you move apartments
  • Three beautiful finishes
  • Durable aluminum frame with weather stripping
  • Sliding door panel to close the door
  • Security latch to lock it when not in use
  • Available in four different sizes to fit all homes


With a very functional design and Petsafe’s unbeatable quality to back it up, this doesn’t even warrant a second thought. Go for it if you are looking for a hassle free cat door for your patio sliding doors.

6. High Tech Pet Power Electronic Cat Door

Nothing beats the convenience that comes with an automatic cat door that slides open as your cat approaches the door. You won’t have to worry about weather stripping, your cat being unable to open the door, pests gaining access to the home or waking up in the middle of the night when your pet suddenly has a desire to howl or purr at the moon.

This High Tech Pet Power Electronic Cat Door is the best electronic cat door in the market. It features an automatic access system comprising of a sensor that is placed in a collar which your pet will wear and a motor-driven sliding door system that gets activated by the collar.

So, when your pet is wearing the collar and approaches the door directly, the door will slide open. It will stay open until the collar passes through. You need not worry that it may hurt your pet if they decide to stand halfway inside or outside because the sensor auto detects your pet in the pathway and the door slides open again.

To prevent the door from sliding open every time your pet passes it, the door features a directional sensing system. So, irrespective of whether your pet is sleeping beside the door or passing it by, the door will not slide open. It will open only when your pet walks straight towards it.

The High Tech Pet Power door also features a digital access system that has four integrated controls. You can choose from in-only access which will only allow your pet to come inside from outside the home, out only which will prevent anything from entering the house from the outside, full access for two way access and completely closed when it is not in use.

To prevent the house from leeching heat and adding to your utility costs, the door has one of the best weather seals in the business. Also, an in-built automatic deadbolt gets activated making it a more secure choice than some of the other ones being sold in the market.

Best features

  • Fully automated pet access door that can be installed on walls and/or doors
  • Lightweight collar with sensor
  • Directional sensing system that will prevent the door from opening if the pet passes it by
  • Available in different sizes for dogs and cats
  • Four integrated control systems that can restrict or limit access to the door
  • Weather sealing keeps the insulation costs intact
  • Automated deadbolt system for added security

Verdict: This is hands down one of the best cat doors in this list. It is fully automated and if your pets are used to their own freedom to get outside the house, then there is no better solution.

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7. Cat Mate Electro Magnetic Cat Door

The Cat Mate Electro Magnetic Cat door is an ingeniously designed product that clubs automation with simplicity to create a very effective solution for giving pets easy access to the outside. This is an electromagnetic system that relies on a simple magnet which can be attached to your pet’s collar to automatically open the door.

What makes this so effective is that your pet can go outside from inside the home anytime without activating the cat flap. But when your pet returns to the house, the magnet is required for them to enter the home. It acts like an identifying tag that will grant them access.

This is the easiest way to restrict raccoons or possums from entering the premises if you are using this on an outside door. It works equally well for cat litter rooms and other areas of the house that are for cat-only access.

Unlike some of the other electromagnetic cat doors that we tested, the sensor on the Cat Mate was super fast and it retracted instantly. There was no lag or delay in the flap opening.

The only possible glitch that we found with this was that the magnet had to be aligned in a precise position to face the sensor. Only then does the flap get activated. If you have an active cat who likes to explore and may accidentally change the position of the magnet, then the door will remain locked. Not the best of scenarios especially if you live in cold climatic conditions.

Otherwise, this brings automation at a fraction of the price of some of the other ones that we have tested.

Best features

  • High-quality electromagnetic access system that gets activated with a magnetic collar
  • Gives your cats easy access to the outside and identifies the magnetic collar
  • Prevents possums and raccoons from entering the home
  • The package includes two magnets for two pets
  • Brush stripped to prevent insulation loss


This is the best magnetic cat door that you can buy. It is priced under $40 and works flawlessly provided that you position the magnet correctly.

8. SureFlap Microchip Cat Door

When we rescued Jerome, a cuddly little ball of fur, we had to put him up at a friend’s place for a while. He was eventually adopted by the same family. But the neighborhood that they live in has a notorious gang of bobcats that roam around at night looking for potential prey (small cats). So, they needed a system that would allow him to get out of the house at specific times and restrict access at other times.

Enter the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door which simplifies preset access times with an in-built curfew mode. Once activated and programmed, the curfew mode gets activated automatically at a preset time and the cat door is locked from both directions.

During the day time or other times, it allows the pet to go outside and automatically reads their microchip to open the flap and let them into the house. So, a raccoon trying to pry their way in will not be able to do it.

You can install this on a side wall or on just about any door without too much effort. What does take some effort is to get your cat used to it, especially if they are habituated to you opening the door for them.

The SureFlap Microchip Cat Door features a tunnel extension and the cat has to get used to popping their head/shoulder into the tunnel for the microchip data to be read. If you find that your cat freaks out, then give them some time. They will eventually figure it out. Cats are smarter than any other pets that we have owned.

If your pet is not micro chipped, then you can use the SureFlap Cat door with the SureFlap RFID collar tag that is included in the package. This is very beneficial if you only want to grant selected pets access outside or to a particular part of the house.

Best features

  • High-quality construction
  • Reads microchip data fast and accurate
  • Compatible with all types of microchips in the world
  • Package includes one SureFlap RFID collar tag which works with the system if your pet does not have a micro chip
  • Includes an integrated curfew mode that locks the door from both directions
  • Prevents raccoons from finding their way inside the home


Finally If you are looking for the best cat door wall automated that is easy to install and use, then this microchip cat door is your best choice.  This is also the best cat door for an exterior door in this list.

9. Perfect Pet Tubby Kat Cat Door 4 Way Lock And LEXAN Flap

The name suggests that this is the perfect door for oversized cats that have gorged on more kibbles than they should. But the fact is that this is a very versatile cat door that is perfect for cats of all sizes. For smaller cats, this works even better because it is roomy and they are less likely to feel intimidated by it.

Everything from the construction to the security features are top notch. You can use this for exterior doors as well as hollow interior doors. Works perfectly!

Also, this is one of the easiest cat door installations that we have ever undertaken in our lifetime. You do not even have to unscrew the door. Just place the template, screw four holes in the corners, saw out the opening and install the frame of the door.

The door weatherproof design that will not let an external draft of wind to enter the home or your heat to leak like a sieve.

The flap is made of transparent and unbreakable LEXAN polycarbonate and measures 7 ½-inches in width and 10 ½-inches in height which is perfect for cats that are up to 20 pounds.

To prevent unwanted pests from entering the house, you can activate the in-built locking mechanism that makes it impossible for pests to pry their way into the house.

Best features

  • Large sized door with two way action
  • Ideal for pets who are up to 20 pounds
  • Weatherproof design
  • Features security latch to prevent pests from entering
  • Made of transparent and unbreakable lexan polycarbonate
  • Easy installation


The Tubby Kat Cat door with the four-way locking system is the best exterior cat door in this list. It has been around for years and has a proven track record that you cannot go wrong with. Great pricing too.

10. Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Cat Door with Telescoping Frame

With a flawless customer rating and high recommendations in the cat parenting community, the Ruff-Weather Cat Door is our final pick for this elaborate list of the best cat doors.

Ideal door is rivaled only by PetSafe in the market. And both these brands have some beautifully designed cat doors in their lineup.

The Ruff-Weather cat door with its energy-efficient design featuring the inner telescoping frame is designed for outdoor use. It is constructed from high quality foam molded plastic and has see-through vinyl flaps that are insulated against leaks.

The flap opens easily from both directions and has enough room for cats and dogs that are up to 25 pounds. When your cat leaves the door, the four magnetic closures lock into place ensuring that the flap is positioned perfectly. No drafts will find its way in.

Installation is extremely easy on both doors as well as walls. For walls, you will have to purchase a wall kit that is sold separately.

If its curfew time, you can use the integrated sliding door which locks into place with a secure-sounding click ensuring you that Houdini can’t break out of this.

Best features

  • Good quality durable construction (Foam molded plastic)
  • Energy efficient design
  • Four point magnetic lock that ensures that the flap stays closed
  • Sliding door to restrict access during specific timings
  • Telescopic inner frame
  • Easy installation on doors
  • Wall kit available separately


If you are looking for a good quality cat door that will last for years without any problems, then the Ideal door Ruff-Weather Cat door is one of the best options you have. It has a great customer rating too.

How to Select a Door For Your Cute Cats

Cat doors are a tricky piece of pet furniture that requires a fair bit of understanding of cat habits. Some cats prefer to nudge a door open and walk out. An automatic cat door may seem like a scary proposition for them. Others will walk like professionals and wait for the automated door to slide open. While some need to be cajoled to use the door with treats and kisses.

It’s a bummer to drill a hole in your side wall and then discover that your cat will not use it if their life depended on it. So take some time to make a choice.

To ensure that we cater to cat parents with different preferences, we have selected some of the most diverse choices in the market. There’s a cat door for wall, cat door for window, a sliding glass cat door, baby gates with cat door and even a cat door for cats with a microchip.

Depending on the type of cat door you need, the intended use and your cat’s habits, you can pick any one from this list as it has been created after analyzing the best cat door reviews.

If you are unsure about what one would work best or if this is the first time you are venturing into cat door shopping, you can go for our #1 pick, the PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Cat Door. It is the best cat door in the market currently.

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