The 6 Best Cat Hammock Reviews for 2019

A few months ago, I set out on a DIY project to make the best cat hammock for Marvin, my pet Siamese who loved hanging out in hammocks as I discovered. What was supposed to be an easy two hour task quickly turned into a never ending nightmare and the results were less than satisfactory to be honest. So, I decided to explore the market for other options and was overwhelmed at the number of choices.

Clearly, Marvin isn’t the only feline that loves his own hammock. The next few days were spent eating, sleeping and breathing cat hammocks and here are my results. If you are venturing into cat hammock land for the first time in your life then these cat hammock reviews will help you get a grip on things and know what separates a good hammock from a poor quality one.

Top 6 Best Cat Hammock Reviews

Here are 6 cool Cat Hammocks that I’ll recommend any cat owner to get.

1. CatastrophiCreations Wall Mounted Cat Hammock Lounger

One of the reasons why I set out to make a hanging cat hammock myself was because I didn’t want one that looked ungainly. I am extremely picky about the furniture I introduce into my house. That’s when I found the Multiple-Level wall mounted cat hammock lounger from Catastrophicreations.

Weird brand name, great product!

This is a cat wall hammock that has a beautiful design and provides comfortable resting place for up to three cats. Four studs that are 16 inches apart will house two mounting posts creating a three-tier hammock condo of sorts that cats can climb into.

The mounting posts are made of solid wood and the top most one features an escape hatch that is lined with sisal. Marvin loves escaping from this and climbing to the top hammock which is his turf now and one that he would go to battle for.

The hammocks are made from durable canvas and are tested to hold up to 62 lbs each making it perfect for large sized cats too. Apart from the durability and the beautiful design, this wall mounted cat hammock is amazing in so many ways. The cats are tested as they try to find their way to the top most perch. Also, the escape hatch is fun and the cats just love to jump in and out of it.

Best features

  • Perfect combination of form and function
  • Resembles any wall mounted furniture
  • Solid wood with a beautiful finish
  • High-quality canvas hammocks tested to accommodate cats up to 62 lbs.
  • Condo like design that provides mental stimulation to cats


This multilevel cat hammock lounger from Catastrophicreations is hands down, the best cat hammock in the market currently. It is durable, designed to perfection and gives cats the perfect resting place.

2. Le Fur Cat Hammock Bed(Hanging Cat Hammock Under Chair)

The best pet furniture is the one that remains invisible. This cat hammock bed from Le Fur certain qualifies as one of the best. This is a hanging cat hammock that can be attached to your cat crate or to the underside of any chair making it the perfect resting place for your cat.

Measuring 15 x 20 inches, it fits most cat breeds easily. The sleeping surface is soft and plush and most cats would refuse to get out of it once they take a liking to it.

Apart from the space saving design, this cat hammock under chair also allows the cats to stay hidden in a cool and dark place. That’s something that cats are naturally inclined to do. It gives them the feeling of staying in a comfortable den away from prying eyes.

The cat hammock bed is also extremely easy to attach to crate corners. Metal hooks are included in the package and they attach securely without any wobble. For chairs, you have additional adjustable straps that allow you to custom the fit and the height that is perfect for your pet.

It is tested to accommodate cats that are up to 15 lbs. But with a 30 day money back guarantee, you can try it before you buy. Felix, a whale of a cat that I had rescued was easily able to hop on to the bed and sleep without any problems. He’s approximately 18 pounds.

Best features

  • Space saving design that can be attached under a chair or in a cat crate
  • Portable design that you can carry anywhere
  • Easy to use with metal hooks and flexible straps
  • Durable and comfortable fabric
  • 30 day money back guarantee


If you were looking for a space saving cat hammock that stays hidden from public view, then you’ve just found it. This Le Fur cat hammock bed is priced under $13. That’s an absolute steal.

3. Original KITTY COT Cat Window Hammock

I first read about the Kitty Cot years ago in a Pet Magazine and was absolutely floored by the amazing concept. Cats and windows are like hand-in-glove and what better way to keep your cat near the window that to give them a comfortable resting place of their own?

This is the original Kitty Cot that spurred a thousand imitations later.

It features two patented giant-sized suction cups that allow you to mount it to any window or even a wall. Gives your cat a place that they love and that’s stable, safe and comfortable.

The fabric on the hammock is designed for outdoor use. So you can be rest assured that it will last for years despite being exposed to kitty claws, fur and dander. It is easy to clean too.

One of the concerns that cat guardians have is regarding the stability of this cat window hammock. Well, it is a genuine concern to be honest. But the 3/4″ PVC plastic pipe that is used for the construction is one that is typically used in industrial grade applications. To top it off, it features 1/8″ Stainless Steel support cables and you can be rest assured that this is as stable and durable as they come.

Best features

  • Beautiful design that keeps cats near windows
  • Mounts easily to any window or wall with patented USA suction cups
  • Approved by the humane society
  • Durable and stable
  • 3/4″ PVC Plastic Pipe frame and 1/8 inch stainless steel support cables
  • Durable and rugged fabric


With a proven track record spanning years and a pricing that is very affordable, the original Kitty Cot is the best cat hammock with a window view. If your cat loves being perched near windows, go for it.

4. TRIXIE Fold and Store Cat Tower With Hammock

Trixie pet products manufacture absolutely stunning pet furniture pieces that are functional and beautiful. This fold and store cat tower is a cat condo and a cat hammock in one that folds away when not in use.

Designed to resemble a corner piece in your living room, most people would not even know that this is a cat hammock until you tell them. It has a beautiful upholstered finish in brown and beige that will blend right in with the rest of your furniture pieces.

The cat condo and the sleeping surface are covered with plush making it a cat’s dream bed. You will have to drag your cats out of this one with treats.

To make it even better, Trixie adds a sisal covered scratching surface for the pet that lets them cater to their natural instincts. The cat tower with hammock also features a couple of attached toys for playtime and a hideaway in the bottom of the tower.

The heavy-base prevents tripping over when multiple cats are trying to reach their way to the top or if your heavyset cat is busy grooming themselves. The Trixie fold and store cat tower stays stable and wobble-free.

Best features

  • Designed to resemble normal home furniture
  • Hammock and hideaway covered with plush
  • Sisal covered scratching surface
  • Cat condo and hammock in one
  • Covered with beige/brown upholstery
  • Folds away when not in use


Great product once again from Trixie. This cat tower with hammock is a versatile purchase and perfect even if you have multiple cats. Great pricing too!

5. Pecute Cat Hammock – Hanging Hammock Bed

One of the best features of a cat hammock is that it can be installed just about anywhere. And if you have a crate trained cat, then you do not need any other place to mount it. The Pecute Cat Hammock is designed to attach directly to the bars of a pet cage and gives your cats a comfortable resting place.

Featuring a fleece covered hammock that stays warm and cozy, your cats will just love dozing away in this one.

The ends of the hammock features spring clips that are designed for use in a cat cage. But with a little bit of creativity and DIY, this can easily be converted into an all-purpose hammock that can be installed anywhere. Be it under a tree or under a chair, you can install it any place that your cat prefers.

The inside of the hammock has a comfortable fleece lining and the outside of the hammock has an attractive leopard print. It easily supports cats that are up to 13 lbs. When not in use as a hammock, you can easily use this as a blanket on a freezing winter day.

Best features

  • Easy installation in a cat cage
  • Can be installed anywhere with some modification
  • Comfortable sleeping surface
  • Also doubles up as a blanket
  • Leopard print exterior
  • For cats up to 13 lbs.


Maximize the space utility in your cat crate and give them some additional motivation to step into it with this amazing cat hammock bed. Fits anywhere and is priced under $$.

6. Baza Cat Tree Hammock With Scratching Post

My final pick in this list is undoubtedly, the best cat hammock for appearance conscious buyers. Featuring an all-white single tier cat hammock with a ground level perch, this one is a stunner and it comes from my favorite pet products manufacturer Trixie Pet Products.

This is one hammock for cat that you’ll love to add to your living room.

Two durable and stable sisal covered wooden posts are joined by a soft long-haired plush fabric hammock that is comfortable and cozy. The base level perch is also covered in the same plush fabric. So even if you have two cats, this will prevent infighting.

One of the sisal covered posts also features a dangling pom-pom for playtime. Assembles in less than a couple of minutes and stays stable even when your cat jumps up to climb on it.

If you have cats scratching away on expensive furniture, then this cat tree hammock will keep them occupied and save you some money in the long run.

Best features

  • All-white design
  • Sisal covered posts
  • Metallic rims and threads for support
  • Plush fabric-covered hammock
  • Pom Pom toy for playtime
  • Easy to assemble


This cat hammock with stand is easily one of the best looking ones in the market. The design is perfectly complemented by a heavy-duty construction and a plush resting surface that cats absolutely love. Highly recommended!

How to Choose a Hammock for Your Cat

A cat hammock is almost a necessity in a house with more than one cat. With all the features that are incorporated into the newer models, it easily doubles up as a cat condo, play area and a sleeping surface.

The most important thing that you must consider while choosing a cat hammock is the appearance. Are you comfortable adding pet furniture to your home? Maybe you need a design that remains hidden or resembles household furniture.

Once you are able to narrow down on the design, you can easily choose the other options. Assembly may be a challenge especially for some of the cat condos which have multiple tiers. If you are looking for options that come ready to use out of the box, look for hanging cat hammocks that can be installed under chairs. Cat hammock windows are also great choices since they can easily be mounted near windows.

Sisal covered posts are a great add-on because cats love to scratch and it will mean that your expensive veneer and wooden furniture will not have claw marks to show.

After researching numerous products, I finally chose the multiple level wall-mounted hammock cat lounger for its stunning design and utility. It is perfect for a multi-cat household and provides cat with some much needed physical and mental stimulation. Also, it is one of the top rated products on Amazon. If you are looking for the best cat hammock, this is the one.

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