11 Best Cat Tree Tower and Kitty Condos for 2019 – Reviews By Cat Furniture Experts

Cats are natural climbers, and unless you’ve provided them with the best cat tree as an outlet for their climbing, you’ll find yourself constantly shooing them off of counters, cabinets, tables, and other spots you don’t want them to be.

Many cat owners look at cat towers and trees as “treats” for their pets, but in reality, they’re your first line of defense against small paws knocking over everything you’ve carefully put onto high shelves and theoretically out of reach. That’s because your cat would much rather spend time on a properly-chosen cat tree – at least most of the time, which is the best you can hope for with an active and curious cat.

Cat towers and trees come in all sizes and configurations, and it’s important to choose a sturdy model that will be both a challenge and a reward for your feline friend. I’ve gone through hundreds of contenders for the titles of best cat towers and trees while choosing one for my two persians, so you can trust me on this!

The Top 11 Best Cat Tree Towers – Reviews

Here are the 11 best options for your feline friend based both on my personal experience and cat tower Amazon user reviews.

1. Go Pet Club Cat Tree

This beige 6 ft. cat tree is a beauty for normal-sized cats. It has two condos (one larger, one smaller) that a 12-pound cat can comfortably fit into, and the specs say that it has three perches. I have an issue with the way most manufacturers identify perches, because I think the open tops of condos and their sizeable “porches” also qualify as perches – at least, that’s the way my cats use them. So I’ll be using my own numbers throughout these cat tree reviews, and I see six spots where a kitty can hang out or curl up. That makes six perches to me.

We do agree on the number of posts. There are ten, all covered with the natural sisal rope that cats love to scratch, and the rest of the cat tower is covered with faux fur. There are two ladders, and two toy mice dangle from spots on the tower. The Go Pet Club is heavy and sturdy, sitting on a base that’s 28 by 24 inches; for purposes of deciding whether you have the room for it, the overall width and depth of this unit is 50 by 26 inches.

You may be wondering why a sturdy, large tower isn’t the best cat tree for large cats over 18 pounds or so. It’s because the compressed wood/plastic posts at the top can potentially break off if a 20+ pound cat decides to play acrobat and leap onto the platforms they support. There’s no issue with a 15-18 pound cat landing on the platforms, but that should be the upper limit unless your beloved fatty isn’t a high jumper. With that one caution aside, this is the best cat tower tree at a very affordable price.


  • Lots of roomy platforms, condos, ladders and scratching posts
  • Sturdy and strong
  • Reasonably-priced


  • Assembly can be difficult due to poor instructions
  • Screws can come loose with lots of use by active cats
  • Cats over 18 pounds could cause structural issues

2. Molly and Friends Four-Tier Scratching Post Furniture

If the Go Pet Club unit is sturdy (and it is), the Molly and Friends cat tree tower is a tank. The manufacturer uses materials like solid pine, thick carpet and heavy-duty hardware to hand-build every cat tree, and that quality shows in this tower’s strength and durability. Even better, the Four-Tier Scratching Post comes fully-assembled (sigh of relief goes here). The 24 by 24 inch base supports everything well.

There aren’t an overwhelming number of perches on the Molly and Friends, only four in total. But one of the things that makes this tower unique is that two of the large platforms are built in a convex shape, to make them exceptionally comfortable as cat beds or napping spots. There are two full-length scratching posts accessible from the platforms, one covered in high-quality natural sisal rope. Everything about the Molly and Friends post screams “high-end.”

Of course, that makes this tower very expensive, almost four times the price of the Go Pet Club model even though it’s six inches shorter. However, this model isn’t going to gradually (or quickly) fall apart; you’ll have it for years. It also may be the best cat tree for large cats, because its strength can easily take the weight of a 20+ pound Maine Coon without breaking a sweat. In fact, in terms of quality and toughness, this may be the best cat tree ever built by hand.


  • Hand-built, exceptionally well-manufactured and strong
  • Curved platforms work well as cat beds
  • Comes pre-assembled


  • Very expensive
  • Only one of the two posts has sisal rope
  • Cats over 18 pounds could cause structural issues

3. Vesper Cat Furniture Tree High Base

Those who give their cats full run of the house may hesitate when deciding their living or family room needs a cat tree; modern décors don’t usually work well with a big tower made of carpet and rope. This Vesper model is a good compromise, with a more elegant design built around a “cube cave” made of fiberboard with grained wood and white finishes, along with a wood-grained MDF base and three large white memory foam-cushioned perches. Those elements don’t fully obscure the fact that this is indeed a cat tree, since there are six posts covered in sea-grass rope (a bit smoother than sisal, with a pleasant smell) and three hanging sea-grass balls for batting, but the design features do soften the overall appearance.

This Vesper tree is much shorter than the two cat towers already mentioned in these best cat tree reviews, at only four feet tall. The three platforms, novel cube cave and lots of scratching space should satisfy most cats, however, unless they’re trying out for the Cat Olympic jumping team or too large to fit into the 14-inch square cave.

This is one of several models of Vesper “modern” cat furniture, with others available in different configurations and shapes. They’re all sturdy and reasonably-priced, and the High Base is definitely a contender for the best cat tree near $100.


  • More modern appearance than most cat trees
  • Memory foam on perches is comfortable and welcoming
  • Sea-grass rope provides a pleasant aroma


  • Shorter than many towers
  • Very large cats may not fit into “cave”
  • Only three platforms

4. Armakat Cat Tree Furniture

Pressed wood, faux fleece, sisal rope, low price. The Armakat is nothing fancy, but with decent construction and a small 28 by 25 inch overall footprint, this is the best cat tree for a small apartment and a decent one for any room where cats hang out. There’s a lot packed into the space, with one large, low perch and four higher ones, seven varying sizes of scratching post, two balls on a rope, and a relatively small (13 by 8 inches) cat condo.

Despite its lower quality materials this is a sturdy and stable cat tree, unless your cat loves to get a running start and leap for the top, in which case it might do some wobbling or rocking. The faux fleece gives the unit a slightly nicer look than the low-quality carpet usually seen on cat towers. For a lower-priced model, it’s quite satisfactory.

Armakat offers other sizes of this cat tree in slightly different configurations. This model is 57 inches tall with the 28 by 25 inch dimensions previously mentioned, but you can get ones as small as 20 by 20, standing 52 inches tall and costing even less.


  • Small footprint and size
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Inexpensive


  • Shorter than many towers
  • Lower-quality materials
  • Slight chance the rope with balls can wrap around cat’s neck

5. Best Choice Products Deluxe 52-Inch All-In-One Cat Tree

Another inexpensive unit, this is constructed on a smaller scale which makes it the best cat tree for kittens but probably not suitable for your full-grown adults. There’s an adorable hammock near the base, a small condo, a top perch and one of those “tunnels to nowhere” that my cats are never interested in exploring. The small base (20 by 20 inches) is able to adequately support this tree that stands just over four feet tall.

Most of the All-In-One is covered in faux fur including the upper posts, but there are two sisal rope posts at the bottom, in addition to a small set of stairs which your kitty will probably ignore in favor of jumping onto the condo’s porch. It’s an easy task to assemble this Best Choice cat tree; cheap is its most important attribute, though, since you’ll probably have to replace it once your cat grows to full size.


  • Inexpensive
  • Small footprint
  • Good mix of spots for kittens to play


  • Only suitable for kittens
  • Lower-quality materials
  • May be too small for multiple kitten use

6. Trixie Pet Product Baza Cat Trees

There are four versions of the Trixie Baza. The smallest (and extremely inexpensive) model isn’t even really a tree; it’s a soft, cushy hammock supported by two 16-inch tall sisal rope posts. The medium-sized unit adds a soft ground-level tunnel to explore, the large features a cushy platform and ground-level cat condo, and the extra-large option is more of a “real” tower, 51 inches tall with a top platform and additional scratching posts – with all of the prices still lower than any of the units mentioned so far in these cat tree reviews.

There’s wire support for the hammocks so they can support large cats as well as kitties but not quite as much attention was paid to construction details for the rest of the structures, so you may have to continually check the screws to make sure they’re not coming loose. Cats do love the comfy hammock, however, and the extra-large version is quite functional for all uses. Most pet stores don’t carry any Trixie Pet Products cat tree; Amazon has them all, though.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Hammocks are cat favorites
  • Smaller models are space-friendly


  • Most models aren’t true towers
  • Lower-quality materials
  • Quality is on a par with price

7. Go Pet Club Cat Tree 80-Inch

Now this is a big cat tower, perhaps one of the best cat towers for multiple cats you can find – as long as they’re not too huge. This Go Pet Club model is a full 80 inches tall with six platforms (the highest ones have backs that cats can curl up against for comfortable sleep), a hammock, two cat condos, nearly a dozen scratching posts and three dangling mice in the configuration.

As with the Go Pet Club model listed at the top of our reviews of best cat trees, the materials used are compressed wood, sisal rope and faux fur, so this isn’t the most extravagantly-built tower you can find. But that also helps keep the price low without compromising the stability of the tower; it’s designed for one large cat or several smaller ones. The base is 24 by 24 inches and the components stick out quite a bit, making the overall size 45 by 30 inches. Combined with its nearly seven feet height, this could be difficult to fit into smaller living spaces. But it’s one of the best cat trees for multiple cats, and a very good buy.


  • Almost a dozen spots for cats to sit or lie
  • Can accommodate multiple cats of normal size
  • Very reasonably priced


  • Larger than some homes can accommodate
  • Assembly can be complicated
  • Medium-quality materials used in construction

8. Vesper Cat Furniture Tower

When reviewing the Vesper Tree High Base earlier, I mentioned that the company produces several different models of cat trees. The one that is featured here is even more elaborate, and is probably best-deserving of the name “cat tower furniture.” Its construction details are similar to the High Base: wood-grained and white-finished fiberboard, memory cushions and sea-grass fiber instead of sisal rope.

The design is very different, though. There are two cube caves, one sitting on the base and a second sitting kitty-corner (get it?) on top of it. Directly above the second cube is a round tunnel cave that looks somewhat like a hamster wheel (although this one doesn’t rotate) with lots of room for hiding or sleeping. There are no posts, just a scratching pad on one of the supports, and the outer platforms are pretty small, so most of a cat’s time will be spent inside the enclosed retreats.

Quite honestly, many cats who want to jump from platform to platform and sit in the sun won’t be fond of the Vesper tower. Those who like to hide and snooze will find it much more to their liking. And it is the most attractive piece of cat tree furniture on this list.


  • Very modern appearance
  • Great for cats who love to find hiding spots
  • Interesting conversation piece


  • Very few, small spots for cats to settle outside
  • Not ideal for jumpers
  • One small scratching pad

9. Cat Craft Three Tier Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree

This is a very tricky cat tree to set up properly, and if you don’t, it’s going to fall down almost immediately. That’s because it’s narrow with a small base, and it’s theoretically secured by a spring rod tension pole that extends up to snug against the ceiling. The theory is fine, but the Cat Craft has a small base and just one heavy-duty carpet-covered pole extending up to the spring rod, with three platforms extending out in different directions. That’s a prescription for disaster when you combine it with a big cat and spring tension that isn’t perfect. One other note: the pole is designed to work with ceilings that are eight-to-nine-feet high, so there are very specific rooms where it can be installed.

Despite all of those caveats, if you install the Cat Craft exactly right it will be a fun tree for your smaller cats who love jumping, at an extremely reasonable price that makes this a “very little to lose” investment.


  • Small cats that love to jump will be in heaven
  • Very inexpensive
  • Takes up very little space


  • Requires perfect installation to remain stable
  • No features other than three perches
  • Made primarily from cardboard

10. Best Pet 73” Cat Tree Scratcher PlayHouse

It’s easy to find an inexpensive cat tower; Amazon has lots of them. What’s difficult is finding a tall, full-featured tree that doesn’t cost a fortune. The Best Pet PlayHouse is one of the few that fits those qualifications without being made from cardboard.

Standing more than six feet tall with five perches, two small cat condos, two ladders and ten posts (none with scratchy material like sisal, though), this unit is made from pressed wood and carpet and can stand the weight of a large cat or several smaller ones without a problem. The footprint is small at 24 by 22 inches, and this is a sturdy tower that will make your kitties happy without breaking the bank.


  • Sturdy
  • Tons of play space
  • Inexpensive


  • No scratching material on the posts, just carpet
  • Cat condos are small
  • Inexpensive carpet material can be pulled off by cats intent on doing it

11. Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree

Shorter, wider and a bit more expensive than the Best Pet, this model is similar to that cat tree in most other ways. Sure, there are small differences; the Furhaven has four perches instead of three, one condo instead of two, and it’s 55 inches tall instead of 73 inches.

But the plywood and faux fur carpeting, the design that can handle a normal-sized cat or several smaller ones, and the purring you’ll hear from your pets after they’ve jumped and played on it for a while, are all pretty much the same. One other difference: there are sisal posts instead of carpeted ones.


  • Sturdy
  • Lots of play area
  • A bit shorter than the competition


  • Cat condo is small
  • Fairly wide footprint
  • Top platform may not handle a fat cat

Choosing The Best Cat Tower For Your Feline Friend

Your budget, the size and number of cats in your home, and the area you have available for a cat tower will be the final criteria determining the best cat tree for your needs – but I’d strongly suggest considering either the Go Pet Club Cat Tree or the Molly and Friends Four-Tier Scratching Post Furniture that started our reviews, respectively the best reasonably-priced and more expensive options that will keep your pets jumping, relaxing and happy.

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